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Our agents are our most valuable assets. We hire high quality individuals, provide them with complete corporate security training and give them the opportunities they need to grow professionally.
We provide complete training, professional dress code and work environment to facilitate employee growth and development. EBSL is currently one of the highest paying security agencies in Trinidad & Tobago with attractive benefits of group health insurance, worker’s compensation and an Employee Assistance Program for all agents and staff.


All candidates applying for positions within EBSL have to go through a thorough background check to ensure that they meet with EBSL recruitment standards, which includes a criminal background check and a clean bill of health. Once successful they move on to our training academy.
Our 6 weeks training program is very strict and extensive designed to push the limits of agents. This includes two and a half hours of extensive marching drills per day by former military drill instructors to ensure the highest level of training. Recruits are taught hand to hand combat which includes baton techniques, hand to hand apprehension technique and if deemed necessary grappling, which is one of the highest level of martial arts restraining techniques.

Corporate Security Is Our Business

Theory work which includes the Supplemental Police Act of Trinidad and Tobago, pocket and post diary and incident reporting procedures are taught by former sergeants of Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.
Every Wednesday during the 6 week training program additional classroom training is directed specially at customer care and customer service. In the final two weeks of training recruits go through a stress training exercises.
The modern day agent should be equipped at all times to deal with any combat situation in any environment or surrounding necessary. Agents are given one to one personal attention when on firing range. Our tactical training is not only restricted to static firing routines but our agents are trained for any given position or circumstance. This ensures the agent can efficiently operate his firearm in any tactical situation.