EagleCare GPS - (Global Positioning Systems)
In response to the undisputed need for reduced vehicle theft and increased personal safety in Trinidad, EBSL introduced GPS Tracking and Location to our scope of professional protective solutions.

How does it work?
Our GPS tracking devices enable you to monitor and track the movements of your vehicle, equipment, drivers, mobile personnel, family members etc. on our secure website. Via our own communication network, our tracking software takes your GPS signals and translates them into the exact coordinates on our detailed maps.
EBSL’s GPS Service is backed with proven cellular and satellite technologies, secure login and access to your GPS tracking account, a highly experienced and dedicated GPS security response team, and a customer-oriented service that exudes integrity and excellence.

Advantage Reliability & Accuracy
EBSL boasts a five (5) second acquisition time accurate to within one (1) metre of the GPS device. Our newest devices are also equipped with an internal memory for dependable location information. EBSL’s GPS also communicates over our own secure GSM network not via radio frequency which is subject to dead spots due to terrain or climatic conditions.

Security and Confidentiality
EBSL considers the security of client’s data to be of utmost importance, and as such strict procedures and protocol are adhered to in compliance with our EBSL GPS Privacy Policy.

Detailed Coverage Mapping
EBSL uses several different map formats for display.


• Programmable SMS Panic Alerts - Your panic alerts will alert our GPS Monitoring Centre, and any two (2) cell phone numbers/ SMS destinations provided by the client.
• Historical Tracking and Reporting - View the historical route/ breadcrumb trail of the device, daily and monthly historical reports with tracking information such as speed, km driven, idle time, start time, end time etc. Reports also generate information on a daily basis such as departure and arrival time, maximum speed driven between those times, the time taken, distance driven, and parked time. Reports can be generated in an Excel Spreadsheet so that sorting and manipulation of data can be done according to the vehicle, speed, and time.
• Professional Installation - EBSL has sourced the most reliable GPS equipment and systems currently available. Installation takes place at one of our secure locations and takes approximately 1 hr 30 mins per vehicle.
• Geofence Capability with Automatic Alerts -A geofence capability allows you to designate a particular area in which the vehicle, person or asset should operate. If the device leaves or enters the designated area, an immediate email is sent.
• Preset Speed Limit Capability with Automatic Alerts. If the device exceeds the designated speed limit, an immediate alert is viewed on your online GPS Account.
• Remote Engine Disable Capability - EBSL can remotely block the engine from starting, or shut down the engine on command

GPS Services

EBSL’s Tracker + offers improved fleet management, better management of sales staff and mobile personnel, greater control over vehicles and usage, reduced vehicle theft and increased personal safety.
Track anything using our vehicle or portable devices that guarantees affordability and reliability of service, detailed maps of Trinidad and Tobago for online tracking, VOX Communication, and 24/7 Emergency Hotline and Panic Button Monitoring backed by EBSL’S armed rapid response, remote engine kill and stolen vehicle recovery.
GPS Hardware - Vehicle Tracking Device
The device is installed in the vehicle for 24/7 GPS tracking. A panic button/s and a VOX communication system may also be installed in the vehicle for 24/7 panic button monitoring and two-way voice communication from within the vehicle.

Corporate Services

- Personal/ Hand-held Tracking Device
portable tracking device with a rechargeable battery (charger provided), equipped with a panic button and VOX communication.

• Online GPS Tracking and Location
With a secure username and password, you will be able to view the exact location and the historical routes taken with pinpoint accuracy. Manage your fleet, change your username and password and add guest users to your accounts. No special software required; the system is browser based and as such can be access on any pc or mobile phone.

• 24/7 Emergency Hotline
Panic Button Monitoring, Mobile Rapid Response & Recovery. EBSL’s armed security will immediately track the location of the device and respond to any emergency situation, anywhere in Trinidad, at the touch of a panic button.