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EagleCare Services

EagleCare is the next step in the evolution of commercial and residential security services. EagleCare is geared to provide a professional level service at an affordable monthly rate to the people of Trinidad & Tobago. These services will include alarm monitoring with rapid response, burglar and video security alarm systems, elderly and infirm monitoring with assistance, bodyguard services, escorts, roadside assistance and more.

EBSL e is your trusted provider of home security systems. Our security alarm packages can be tailored to your needs, based on your budget as well as the size, layout and number of rooms in your home or business.
Our range starts with simple alarms offering easy-to-use features and goes all the way up to advanced, fully-featured systems. All our systems have been individually tested, they meet industry specifications offer one year warranty and are installed and maintained by our in-house experts.

EagleCare guarantees primary response within ten (10) minutes of an alert with secondary and third line response units for back-up.

Mobile patrols are situated within each community and these will provide high visibility of the security presence, facilitate shortened response times and house professional and well trained agents to act as a 24/7 deterrent to would be criminals.

EagleCare GPS

(Global Positioning Systems)
In response to the undisputed need for reduced vehicle theft and increased personal safety in Trinidad, EBSL introduced GPS Tracking and Location to our scope of professional protective solutions.

Corporate Security Is Our Business


EBSL boasts a five (5) second acquisition time accurate to within one (1) metre of the GPS device. The true value of any locator tracking service is the mobile response attached to the service. EBSL has the finest trained GPS response teams on call to respond to any emergency or crisis situation, at the touch of a panic button.